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Sustainable Practices in Manufacturing Consumer Goods: Leveraging AM in the Fashion Industry

Founded in November 2019, the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA) is a global trade organization created to promote the environmental benefits of Additive Manufacturing throughout all stages of the AM ecosystem. In less than three years, its membership has grown to nearly 50 organizations around the globe. As part of the AMGTA mandate, ongoing research and life cycle analyses are uncovering the potential for Additive Manufacturing (AM) to provide significant environmental benefits throughout the manufacturing ecosystem by identifying best-uses and better practices.

In this presentation, AMGTA Executive Director Sherri Monroe will discuss key findings in original research released by the AMGTA in 2023. This use-case analysis was performed in collaboration with Stratasys to identify more sustainable practices within the fashion industry, an industry known for significant waste streams and environmental impacts. The findings from this research have real-world implications for the application of both traditional and Additive Manufacturing at each phase of production and identify best-uses of AM in reducing detrimental environmental impacts. Significance/Importance:As Additive Manufacturing gains prominence in discussions throughout the manufacturing ecosystem, questions abound regarding the environmental impacts and potential sustainability benefits. As with any new or expanding technology, identifying best-uses is critical. Clearly AM is not the answer to every manufacturing need but when leveraged for its unique capabilities and immense potential, the gains – both economic and environmental - can be significant. Identifying those best-uses closer to the consumer will inform and drive adoption pulling and growing the entire AM industry.

The speaker is:
Sherri Monroe, Executive Director, Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA)


  • Consumer goods and fashion