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The Story of Our Journey: Additive Manufacturing in the Development & Production of Vertical Axis Wi

Join Serkan Ozkan in a narrative about pioneering the future of sustainable energy with VERTAXIS, a new generation vertical axis wind turbine shaped by additive manufacturing. This journey began as a 2000s hobby, evolving into a research quest at Constructor University, led by Prof. Yilmaz Uygun and supported by the Kieserling Foundation, EXIST, among others. Serkan, a researcher and yacht designer, delves into the potential of multidirectional wind harnessing and the role of additive manufacturing in enhancing design, efficiency, and production.

From small-scale resin models to large-scale FDM printed parts, the team has explored various production methods, culminating in a mature investment in large 3D printers. With a focus on environmental sustainability and supply chain innovation, they've challenged traditional manufacturing, demonstrating the viability of large-scale additive manufacturing for industrial application, including potential space production capabilities. Join us for an insightful look into a future where dreams of sustainable clean energy and cutting-edge technology converge.

The speaker is:
Serkan Özkan, Senior Research Scientist, Bremen Constructor University


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