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Guest article

Additive Alliance Deep Dives

The Additive Alliance® is the independent industrial research network for Additive Manufacturing, organized by the Fraunhofer-Research Institution for Additive Manufacturing Technologies IAPT. The network was created in 2014 to promote knowledge sharing and has since become established as a relevant institution in the field of 3D Printing. Regular network meetings of the more than 30 member companies encourage the exchange of ideas between all stakeholders, allowing them to make a significant contribution to the industrial future through long-term cooperation.

Within the Additive Alliance®, we identified two key values of Fraunhofer that we want to represent. We want to provide our members with exclusive knowledge, and explore topics that they consider most relevant. In this regard, we aim to meet the highest standards of objectivity.

In 2020, exclusive studies – Additive Alliance® Deep Dives – were initiated, whose topics are specified by the Alliance members. The scientific investigations are performed by experts of the Fraunhofer IAPT and presented each year at the network event.

One of this year’s Deep Dives deals with the application potential of structures based on triply periodic minimal surfaces (TPMS) for Additive Manufacturing. Based on selected scientific literature, this report helps in selecting a suitable TPMS structure to fulfill a technical function (for example shock, vibration, acoustics, heat transfer and the medical field). The graphic below outlines the basic procedure exemplified by the selection of a TPMS structure for the stem of a finger joint implant.

Additive Alliance Deep Dives

In addition, two additional topics have been elaborated in separate Deep Dives:

  • Post-Processing of Metal Fused deposition Modeling parts
  • Cost effective powders for LBM

If your company is interested in joining the Additive Alliance® and to get access to our exclusive Deep Dives, please do not hesitate to contact the Alliance team at!



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