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PROGRESJA New Materials Sp. z o.o

Winner Start-up Challenge 2023 and AM Ventures Impact Award


The EU is the main global supplier of feedstock materials for Additive Manufacturing, holding around 54% of the global supply share. At the same time, a strong dependency exists when it comes to the raw materials which are used to produce that feedstock. Regarding Metal AM, the EU strongly relies on imports of critical raw materials, especially titanium. Additionally due to large energy consumption, production of 1 ton of titanium powder from primary sources causes emissions of over 55 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. Because of the forementioned, titanium powder is currently one of the most expensive feedstock materials on the market and is strongly dependent on geopolitical fluctuations. Our solution is to collect the titanium scrap from the EU industry and through processes of cleaning, thermo-chemical treatment, mechanical processing, and spheroidization process it into full value powder for Additive Manufacturing. On a prototype scale, we have achieved a capacity of 1kg/h of powder with C, O, H, and N levels in line with ASTM B367-22 and are currently securing funds to build production line with 50t/annum capacity. Using the powder, we were able to print samples with a density of over 99,9%, indistinguishable from the samples manufactured from commercial powders. Our solution allows the manufacturing of titanium powder 100% in the EU, limiting dependency on imports to the minimum. We are developing and pilot testing both the recycling technology as well as the powder in close cooperation with the potential customers mainly from aviation industry. We are building close relationships with key partners with their direct involvement in the development process and invitations to tests and trials to adjust the technology to their specific needs and gather valuable feedback. Because the product is being developed in cooperation with partners, we have direct feedback both on our quality as well as the customers changing needs. The technology allows for a decrease in the carbon footprint of titanium powder by 90% and is adjustable to produce powders for LPBF, Binder Jetting, DED, and conventional powder metallurgy. Our ambition is to build a network of titanium recycling hubs throughout the EU, placed close to the aerospace industry centres, thus closing the loop of titanium processing in the European market.

“We look forward to joining Formnext to elevate our brand's visibility, establish meaningful connections with industry partners, potential investors, and to showcase our innovation. With this opportunity, we anticipate not only the generation of promising leads but also the validation of our product within the market landscape. We expect that participation in Formnext will significantly boost our growth and propel us forward.”