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Nikon introduces new DED system and scanner

Faster repair of turbine blades

16 May 2024

In the Lasermeister LM300A, Nikon Corporation has presented its new DED system for metal additive manufacturing. The system is complemented by the Lasermeister SB100 3D scanner. The Lasermeister 100A system series was primarily introduced for research purposes and has now been developed further for industrial applications. 

Building on the predecessor system, the 1,350-kg LM300A offers an extended build area of 297 mm × 210 mm × 400 mm. The Lasermeister SB100 3D scanner supports automation and, according to Nikon, is particularly suitable in combination with the LM300A for applications such as repairing turbine blades and molds.


In the conventional repair of worn turbine blades, the damaged area of each individual blade is cut out and scraped. The blade is then manually welded and ground for repair. With its new system, Nikon aims to eliminate the numerous challenges in the conventional repair process and promises up to 65% shorter throughput times, as well as minimized post-processing requirements. The company also sees potential applications in the automotive, railroad, and mechanical engineering industries.



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