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Business success at Formnext 2021

“Super simple” cloud-based SLS production

4 March 2022

Wematter, which is riding the wave of digital cloud-based production, used the most recent Formnext event as an opportunity to unveil its Gravity 2022 SLS printer. The Swedish start-up drew a good deal of attention last year, and it wasn’t due to its hardware alone. It offers an entire sophisticated ecosystem that includes software and material and is “super simple to use”, as founder and CEO Robert Kniola puts it: “All you have to do is press a button!”

Images: Thomas Masuch
WeMatter founder and CEO Robert Kniola. Pictures: Thomas Masuch

The company, which Kniola founded while still a student, experienced rapid growth thanks to a number of investments. Wematter now employs around 30 people. It has been shipping out its printers since 2019, and according to Kniola, some 100 machines (which are available based on a leasing model) are now out there in the market.

The budding firm has also taken the topic of sustainability into account, of course: It offers its 3D printers at much lower rates for educational purposes, and schools and universities can use powders that would no longer meet production standards if they were to be recycled.




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