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Tool and die making

How 3D printing optimizes machining

4 June 2024

The Ceratizit Group is showing how 3D printing can offer real added value in the machining of hard metals. The Luxembourg-based company has developed a 3D-printed milling system that promises an increase of up to 60 percent in useful life compared to conventional standard tools. 

Bild: Ceratizit Group
Image: Ceratizit Group

With the MaxiMill – 211-DC insert milling system, Ceratizit – a global specialist in machining and sintering – is targeting companies that machine high-quality titanium components and superalloys. The challenge when working with these tough materials lies in achieving the best possible cooling with emulsion.

According to Ceratizit, the additively manufactured milling cutter body of the MaxiMill – 211-DC “provides the potential to design the required complexity of free-surface cooling”. This is ensured by numerous cooling channels within the tool body. In this way, geometric and functional properties can be optimally combined: For example, matching the nozzle position and insert geometry to the cooling channels ensures that coolant is continuously applied to the insert’s cutting surface.





  • Tool and die making