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Expert Insight

Money & Time: why we need Pan-European cooperation on AM

33 European Additive Manufacturing parties have merged skills, budget and expertise with one common goal: to turn AM into a scalable, high-volume production method. The implementation of the ambitious project, known as “Optimization of Production by 3D-Printing” (or 3DoP in short) is to set off on January 1st, 2023. Formnext is the venue-of-choice to launch the project and invite the industry to join and benefit from the projects’ proceedings and outcomes.

The 3-year European project unites a consortium of 33 tech-parties and an even larger community throughout the continent. The integral and joint approach is to make AM scalable and a production method suitable for high-volume production. As several end-users are part of the consortium, there will be a strong focus on productivity of the manufacturingprint process. This includes the integration of the post-production workflow and factory automization - needed for industrialisation - from the very start. These productivity enhancements will be
applied to metal printing, printing of moulds with the integration of electronics, and the automization of AM-factories, service-bureaus and dental clinics.

Besides investments for specific innovations, major resources have been reserved for new project development with the industry. As such, it will become the stepping stone to a community of dedicated partners with a joint strategy to bring AM to high volume production.

The speaker is:
Kris Binon, Flam3D


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