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Expert Insight

Utilizing Metal Injection Molding and AM Binder Jetting in the production of a 316L industrial part

Metal Additive Manufacturing (Metal AM), specifically the sintering based, binder jet technology can provide complex shape creation with no tooling. This fact enables the creation of numerous design variations quickly and supplies part samples for process iterations. Binder Jetting production capability is somewhat limited to low and medium rate production. Metal Injection Molding (MIM), also sintering based, is used to produce near net or net complex shapes in advanced metals or alloys. Currently, (MIM) provides an advantage over Metal AM for medium to high volume production.

This presentation provides a case study for the production of a 316L SS industrial part brought thru initial design, DFM for manufacturing, final product design stage and production using both Metal AM - binder jetting technology and Metal Injection Molding (MIM).

Binder jetting was used to streamline and narrow initial design feasibility- DFM, clarify dimensional tolerances achievable after debinding and sintering and develop CNC programs and machining fixturing in the LRIP stage. Later MIM processing used the information gained from the binder jetting LRIP parts, to determine part feature sizes, sintering orientations and machining fixturing.

The marriage of Metal AM- binder jetting and metal injection molding (MIM) prove to be powerful allies in bringing down new part design cycle time, process development and overall time to full rate production. 

The speaker is:
Gaetano Mariella, Chief Technology Officer, PTI Tech


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