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Expert Insight

Additive Manufacturing in the German Navy

We delve into the world of Additive Manufacturing (AM) in the maritime sector, exploring its potential through the AM-level system for self-sufficient systems, showcasing real-world maritime military use cases, and sharing insights into AM implementation strategies.

Discover how this framework for the level-system optimizes AM implementation, enabling self-sufficient systems like ships, oil rigs etc. to maintain high operational readiness and increase resilience.In the first section, I'll provide an overview of the level system, which categorizes AM machines based on capabilitie and available resources on board. Explore how this framework optimizes AM implementation for self-sufficient maritime military applications.Throughout the presentation, we'll div into compelling use cases from the marimtime military sector. Witness how Additive Manufacturing enhances manintenance, repairs, and logistical capabilities for naval maritime defense vessels.

The speaker is:
Sascha Hartig, Coordinator Additive Manufacturing German Navy, Deutsche Marine Marinekommando 


  • Security und Defense