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Expert Insight

Network approach for mission critical challenges and growth by AM – Case Wärtsilä

Wide implementation of AM has been a game with very few players, and has required huge investments for anyone willing to do so, leaving this only to big corporations and only for some high profitability market segments.

The potential for the industries for making better performing, cheaper products with increased sustainability and shorter lead times is huge, but still is reserved mostly for markets such as aerospace. However, this doesn´t need be like this. In this presentation we would share practical examples from our journey in implementing AM in heavy industries, casting some light on our roadmap for the 100% sustainable future with the support of several AM technologies utilized in our operations, products and by our supply chain. The real game changer is co-developing solutions together for the most difficult problems by the means of trust & sharing with small & medium size companies. By sharing we are able to create a positive impact on the industries not typically operating in the forefront of the    Aditive development and accelerate our innovation path.

The speaker is:
Juho Raukola, Innovation manager (Additive manufacturing), Wärtsilä


  • Offshore und Marine