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Solvit3D - Next generation 3D printed boat parts

Solvit3D provides Additive Manufacturing (AM) services for the modern and high-end maritime industry.

The majority of the maritime industry has historically been fairly traditional and conservative, which often resulted in slower adoption rates of new technologies such as AM. The industry's reliance on manual labor, high levels of customization, and demanding environmental conditions posed significant challenges. However, Solvit3D recognized these challenges as opportunities and specialized in the maritime sector, offering product development services and innovative AM solutions.Drawing upon over 15 years of combined professional experience in the field of AM, as well as various reliable series applications we have managed to break the prototyping image associated with the technology. Through our passion for yachting and our deep understanding of maritime requirements, we have implemented AM solutions in this sector in a sustainable way.We will present a selection of our most successful end-use and at scale AM applications for the maritime industry as well as some potentials of this market:

> Seamless leather contouring solutions for yacht furniture and interior design. Applying the design and production freedom of AM on genuine leather upholstery to create never seen 3D textures and foam parts. Using this internationally patented process is creating more resistant, sustainable and waterproof results than before.

> Challenging AM components and tools for fiber composite processes. Defined surfaces, increased core stiffness and Integration of functional design elements. With examples in metal, polymer and special material combinations.

> Where AM still offers the opportunity to turn frustrated customers into enthusiastic ambassadors: Reverse engineering services and worldwide parts supply of small series and customized boat parts starting from 1 piece. Because we want our customers to cruise more, repair less and stop worrying.

The speaker is:
Alexander Schmidt, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Solvit3D


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