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Design for Additive Manufacture; current and future perspectives

Additive Manufacturing is a technologically fast evolving and exciting arena to be in! But to truly harness the potential benefits it offers we must understand how best to adapt, optimise, develop and implement the design practices, tools and processes required to fully exploit its manufacturing systems.

These different aspects are what encompasses the idea of Design for Additive Manufacture (DfAM); it is the use of design thinking to help identify, validate and communicate high-value propositions enabled by additive manufacturing. DfAM is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal to improve the agility, productivity and sustainability of your manufacturing pipeline, and should be at the forefront of any investment, training and business development plan. This presentation will provide an overview of DfAM topics, current challenges and take a look into what the future might hold.

The speaker is:
Dr. Connor Myant, Assistant Professor, Imperial College London


  • Design and product development