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Aviation and aerospace

AM structure for remote sensing satellites

26 June 2023

Developed with the assistance of Xi'an Bright Laser Technologies (BLT), a remote sensing satellite was successfully launched on board the Tianzhou 6 cargo spaceship.


Bright Laser Technologies (BLT) was one of the businesses that helped Dalian University of Technology design and develop "Dalian 1- Lian li Satellite", a 12U cubesat with high-resolution. Both the design and 3D printing of its deployer structure were provided by BLT.

Using optimization design and simulation analysis, the team from BLT redesigned most of the deployer structure to suit the Additive Manufacturing process, further increasing stiffness and reducing the overall mass in the process.

The deployer structure of "Dalian 1-Lianli" consists of multiple components such as the main frame and the hatch. The structure of the main frame is approximately 400 mm × 400 mm × 500 mm in size with a minimum wall thickness of 1 mm. The structure was manufactured from AlSi10Mg on a BLT-S800 equipped with eight 500 W lasers. According to BLT the dimensional accuracy of the key parts of the final production met the operating requirements of the satellite in full to overcome space factors such as high-low temperatures, thermal vacuum, and atomic oxygen corrosion, ensuring the reliability of long-term in-orbit storage before release.

Photos: BLT
Photos: BLT

Images: BLT

Xi’an Bright Laser Technologies Co., Ltd., founded in July, 2011, provides a complete technical solution of metal Additive Manufacturing including customized products, equipment, raw materials, software and technical service. BLT says that by the end of 2022 it had delivered thousands of metal 3D printing systems in total, which were sold to over twenty countries and regions around the world.

In 2022 revenues reached 140 million US dollars, representing a year-on-year increase of 66 percent (80 million US dollars in 2021). With a market capitalization of more than $2 billion, BLT is one of the most highly valued AM companies in the world.



  • Aviation and aerospace