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Driving New Technical Innovations: 25-Year Partnership Fueling F1 Team’s Relentless Pursuit to Win

In 1998, Renault F1 Team predecessor Benetton — driven to lead the pack as a competitor and innovator — decided to integrate additive manufacturing (AM) into their workflow to enable faster design iteration and production. The Team purchased their first 3D printer, a 3D Systems SLA 5000, more than a decade before the technology was widely adopted in F1. The Team began its longest-running partnership with an AM solutions provider after that first printer purchase.

The collaboration with 3D Systems’ application engineers allowed Renault F1 Team to affect a fundamental shift in how they advanced design innovation in the very short time between races to gain a competitive advantage on the track. More than 25 years later, the now BWT Alpine F1 Team and 3D Systems have pushed each other’s innovation, both in technologies and capabilities. Through continued advancements in 3D printing technology and joint development of new 3D printing materials, BWT Alpine F1 Team continues to realize the benefits of AM to drive success both on and off the track. The Team won championships in 1995, 2005, and 2006.

During this session, join Pat Warner, advanced digital manufacturing manager, BWT Alpine F1 Team; and John Murray, vice president, global industry segments/motorsports, 3D Systems will navigate you through this remarkable journey as they review the continuous technical highlights and application innovations of a partnership spanning more than a quarter of a century in the world’s most exotic motorsport venue, Formula 1.

The speakers are:
John Murray, Vice President, Global Industry Segments/Motorsports, 3D Systems
Pat Warner, Advanced Digital Manufacturing Manager, BWT Alpine F1 Team


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