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Deep Thought Keynote: Additive Manufacturing as a Sustainability Driver

Sustainability represents an opportunity for the aerospace manufacturing and aviation industries to define our next chapter with a focus on reducing carbon emissions through new, innovative technologies that significantly reduce greenhouse emissions.

Additive Manufacturing is an innovative technology whose sustainability impact is twofold: 1) due to the intrinsic layer-wise nature of the technology, Additive Manufacturing uses significantly less energy and emits less greenhouse gases during the manufacturing process than traditional manufacturing processes in most relevant applications of the technology (i.e, applications that also provide positive business case); and 2) Additive Manufacturing allows the optimization of parts that enable vehicle weight reduction and streamlining that is not possible with traditional manufacturing, resulting in reduced drag during service, and hence, reduced fuel consumption.

This talk provides the results of a full life cycle analysis of the Additive Manufacturing end-to-end value stream, which demonstrates the impactful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, water usage, solid waste to landfill, and hazardous waste that can be achieved when adopting Additive Manufacturing over traditional manufacturing, contributing to Boeing’s commitment to making the world better for future generations.

The speaker is:
Melissa Orme, Vice President, Additive Manufacturing, Boeing


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  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Sustainability