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Additive manufactured high-performance cooling for the die and mold industry

In this presentation, the use of additively manufactured TPMS strucures (triply periodic minimal surface) for contour-adjacent cooling in the tool and mold industry is discussed. TPMS structures are introduced and their significance in enhancing cooling efficiency is emphasized.

The presentation proceeds to explain the design process of TPMS structures through simulation techniques. This design approach optimizes the cooling system's performance by tailoring it to the specific contours and requirements of the tool or mold. The use of simulations ensures that the TPMS structures are both effective and efficient.

Furthermore, the presentation showcases an experimental application of TPMS in a cooler system that utilizes CO2 as the cooling medium. This practical demonstration illustrates the real-world benefits of TPMS structures in enhancing the cooling process.

Overall, this presentation highlights the importance of additively manufactured TPMS structures in achieving contour-adjacent cooling, ultimately improving the quality and efficiency of tool and mold manufacturing processes.

The speaker is:
Tobias Neuwald, Research Associate, Fraunhofer-Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK

The presentation is based on the dissertation project of Janek Maria Fasselt.

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