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Expert Insight

Computational Design and Additive Manufacturing for Bio-Inclusive Cities

In this presentation, we delve into Urban Reef's innovative methodologies that leverage computational design and additive manufacturing to create bio-inclusive cities. Our approach is inspired by the diversity and adaptability inherent in natural ecosystems, and we aim to emulate these characteristics within urban landscapes.

Our use of computational design tools allows us to generate complex geometries based on algorithms inspired by natural processes. This approach facilitates the creation of structures that can accommodate a variety of microclimates and conditions, akin to those found in nature.

We employ additive manufacturing, specifically 3D printing, to materialize these intricate designs. A key example of this methodology is our Rain Reef structure. This 3D printed structure is designed to collect rainwater, which is then passively provided to mosses and vegetation, promoting growth and biodiversity. The porous material of the structure also allows for evaporation, contributing to the cooling of the surrounding environment and mitigating the urban heat island effect. 

By combining computational design and additive manufacturing, we create aesthetically pleasing structures that contribute to urban biodiversity. This presentation will shed light on the potential of these methodologies to revolutionize urban design, enabling the creation of cities that are harmoniously integrated with nature, support diverse ecosystems, and enhance the visual appeal of the urban environment.

The speaker is:
Max Latour, Founder, Urban Reef


  • Architektur und Bauindustrie