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Winner Start-up Challenge 2022 and AM Ventures Impact Award

3D-printed bioabsorbable implants to improve healing

Lattice Medical  is a biomedical start-up that was founded in October 2017. The French company has developed a patented 3D technology in cooperation with CHU Lille-France that enables the natural regeneration of adipose tissue, bringing enormous improvements in breast implant procedures, for example. The Mat(t)isse bioprosthesis is made of 3D-printed biomaterials, is fully bioabsorbable, and is adapted to the individual morphology of the patient. Breasts are thus entirely reconstructed from the patient’s own tissue, and no foreign bodies are introduced. 

“We are honoured as winners of edition 2022 to be able to communicate our several developments in the medical field and especially for breast reconstruction. This is an incredible occasion to show a 3D printing application in medical area, and a first in the world with the first patient operated with the technology in July 2022. This will be the occasion to meet all the 3D printing industry, in order to help us in the construction of our future factory for medical implants.”

JulienPayen, CEO & Co-founder