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Vitro3D Technology

Winner Start-up Challenge 2023

Vitro3D is the leader in the new breakthrough volumetric Additive Manufacturing (VAM) technology.  To those unfamiliar with VAM, Vitro3D’s technology looks like magic. Imagine a part materializing all at once (not layer-by-layer) right before your eyes within 30 seconds and post-processed in minutes, labor-free and automatically. The company is developing a platform where manufacturers will simply click a button and get a part - fast, reliably and sustainably.

The company’s proprietary software powers inexpensive hardware, enabling all sorts of new or difficult to manufacture parts to be exploited. Some benefits include: speed, lack of support structures, ability to use viscous materials, ability to overprint or print around other structures, use of multiple materials on a mass customized basis. Fully developed, Vitro3D anticipates their platform will enable a new era of game changing industrial technology.

“Vitro3D expects to be able to connect with the industry's top talent and learn about the latest developments in advanced manufacturing. We’re looking forward to showcasing our volumetric Additive Manufacturing technology and making connections in industries where we can solve difficult manufacturing challenges. Our benefits include unprecedented speed, support of highly viscous resins and the capacity for overmolding of parts.”

Dr. Camila Uzcategui, CEO