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Expert Talk

BE-AM Built Environment AM

Building and Architecture with 3D Printing? Just a media hype or coming reality?

3D printed houses receive more and more attention in the media. Sometimes it feels like we will live very soon in 3D printed houses and buildings all over the world.

The expert panel consisting of Nadja Gaudilliere, Prof. Ulrich Knaack, Martin Manegold and Prof. Oliver Tessmann will shed light on the status quo, the limitations as well as the possibilities of this fascinating field of application.

17 November 2021

Prof. Oliver Tessmann, DDU, TU Darmstadt
Prof. Ulrich Knaack, ISMD, TU Darmstadt
Martin Manegold Managing Director, Imagine Computation
Nadja Gaudilliere, DDU, TU Darmstadt


  • Construction and architecture