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Expert Insight

What's new in 2022 - a summary of the key additive technology innovations at Formnext

In this presentation Alex Kingsbury summarises all the key technology innovations on display at Formnext. From new developments in machine hardware, new 3d printing materials, the most impressive new applications, innovations in software, post-processing, and automation. Highlights of the best of these categories are covered, explaining what they are but also, why they’re important. So, whether you made it to Formnext but need a key summary of the best-in-class from Formnext 2022, or you weren’t able to make it and you’d like a recap, this talk will help summarise all that is new in 2022 for Additive Manufacturing.

The speaker is:
Alex Kingsbury, Industry Consultant, Additive Economics


  • Solutions for Additive Manufacturing