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AM Panel

We can print buildings. What is next?

In recent years, several companies and projects have demonstrated that 3D Printing has arrived at the scale of buildings. However, the technology is still in a phase of prototyping and lighthouse projects. What is necessary to take the technology mainstream? With the moderators of this year’s Built Environment Additive Manufacturing Symposium at Formnext we discuss projects where the global mission meets reality, we address sustainability of additive processes, and dive into cutting-edge research.

The speakers are:
Nadja Guadilliere-Jami, Postdoctoral researcher, TU Darmstadt Digital Design Unit
Olga Ioannou, Assistant Professor, TU Delft
Prof. Dr. Paul Nicholas, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, Royal Danish Academy
Prof. Dr. Oliver Tessmann, Professor, Digital Design Unit, TU Darmstadt


  • Solutions for Additive Manufacturing
  • Construction and architecture
  • Sustainability