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First Hindu temple being 3D printed in India

When the robot arm works for the gods

14 June 2023

The world's first 3D-printed Hindu temple is currently being built in Charvitha Meadows, India, around 100 km northeast of the megacity of Hyderabad. The three-part structure is the result of a collaboration between Apsuja Infratech, construction companies from Hyderabad, and 3D printing specialist Simpliforge Creations.

Construction of Shivalay and Modak has already been completed. Image: Simpliforge Creations
Construction of Shivalay and Modak has already been completed. Image: Simpliforge Creations

The temple, standing tall at about 30 feet, sprawls over 3,800 sq ft. It houses the three sanctums, or Garbhas: a fig-shaped Modak dedicated to Lord Ganesha, a Shivalay, a square abode devoted to Lord Shankar, and a lotus-shaped home for the goddess Parvati. Construction of Shivalay and Modak has already been completed; the lotus and high towers (gopurams) are currently in the second phase of construction.

To additively manufacture the temple, Simpliforge developed its own robotic arm system, materials and software. “Completely printed on-site, the temple’s striking dome-shaped structures including the Modak and the Lotus, presented formidable challenges that required the team to employ bespoke design techniques, meticulous analysis, and innovative construction methods, all the while following the principles of temple architecture,” said Hari Krishna Jeedipalli, MD, Apsuja Infratech.

Fotos: Simpliforge Creations
Fotos: Simpliforge Creations
Fotos: Simpliforge Creations

Images: Simpliforge Creations

Dhruv Gandhi, CEO of Simpliforge Creations, also sees the temple as a promising proof of concept that "sets the stage for future applications of our systems in inaccessible areas." Gandhi highlighted the ability to print 51º outward and 32º inward cantilevers as a particular technical achievement. "The enclosed dome shaped structures eliminate the need for flat slab roofs and pave the way for extraterrestrial applications, which is Simpliforge’s grander vision."



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