FAQ – Fully informed

Digital platform

As soon as information are filled in the MPM, the exhibitor can see directly in the preview how it will look on the website, in the app etc..
It looks exactly the same as in the exhibitor search on the website.

The digital platform will be activated  for exhibitors on 2 November 2021, and from 22 November 2021 also for visitors. The platform will be available for both exhibitors and visitors until 29 December 2021.

Exhibitor passes are valid for both the face-to-face event and the digital platform. Exhibitors can use the digital platform for the entire duration of the event.

You can find our participation opportunities and offers for the Digital Days here.  

Use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge to participate in Digital Days. Internet Explorer is not supported by the digital platform.

Protection against data misuse is very important to us as organizers. For that reason, the Formnext Digital Days comply with the current General Data Protection Regulation.

These are currently being created and will be published soon.

Structure of the platform

In your personal profile, the data taken from the "Messe-Login"  and ticket registration can be extended, the matchmaking information can be customized and a profile picture can be added.

Based on the information provided in matchmaking, the system suggests suitable conversation partners. The participants' profile pages show the matchin details. Your own details for the matchmaking process can be changed or supplemented at any time in your personal profile.

You can find further participants under "Participant search" in the networking area. Use the filter options to search specifically for suitable discussion partners."

The company's main contact can add information about the industry, the products and services offered in the exhibitor area under "Company profile". Attendees indicate which companies, products, and services are of interest during the onboarding process. Matches result in your company being listed to attendees as a recommended exhibitor in the dashboard.

Video call

Video calls work via the open source "Jitsi" in the browser, there is no login necessary as Jitsi is integrated into the platform.

You can participate in a video call with a laptop, PC as well as with a mobile device. To use all functions of a videocall you need a device with a camera and a microphone. Please make sure that your browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox) has the latest version.

Mobile devices may have limitations due to different versions of the various operating systems.

There is a difference between scheduled and spontaneous video calls.

Scheduled video calls are possible between all participants. To do this, you arrange an appointment via your profile.

Spontaneous video calls take place between visitors and exhibitors. Via the profile of exhibitor representatives, a spontaneous video call can be started via the button ""Ad-hoc video call"" if the contact person is currently available for this.

The video call cannot be recorded by any participant.

Exhibitor representatives

The exhibitor pass also provides access authorization for exhibitor representatives on the digital platform. These are created in the exhibitor ticket portal (ATP) by the exhibitor's main contact person (HAP).
With the "Messe-Login", the exhibitor representative can log on to the platform and is directly assigned to the exhibitor profile. In advance, all exhibitor representative profiles are inactive and must be activated on the platform by the HAP in order to appear as a contact person in the company profile.

The main contact person is the company representative who corresponds with the trade fair team as the first point of contact. This person has admin rights on the platform and must activate the profiles of the exhibitor representatives. The main contact person can also appoint one or more representatives who also have admin rights. In addition, the main contact person can edit the exhibitor profile in the exhibitor area.

Session/round table

The exhibitor can book a (live) web session or a round table.

When booking a (live) web session, the exhibitor has the choice, in consultation with us, whether to implement a live stream, a web conference (jump from the platform to their own streaming tool, e.g. Zoom) or pre-produced video (available on demand).

The content the exhibitor sends to us as a live stream will be included on one of the live stages at the booked time.

A web session is a jump from the platform to a streaming provider chosen by the exhibitor. In the program, we embed the link that we receive from the exhibitor.

A pre-produced video is recorded in advance by the exhibitor and sent to us. The video is available on demand on the platform.

The exhibitor has the following options to implement streaming at his site:

  • via cell phone or app
  • with a streaming software via camera or webcam on a computer
  • with Webex or Zoom conference via a computer
  • with a freely selectable agency via a professional setup

The exhibitor will receive a stream URL and stream key to insert into the streaming app or software they are using.

Please note the following streaming parameters:

Video Codec
Protocol: rtmp
Codec: h.264
Resolution: min. 720p (1280 x 720px)
Aspect ratio: 16:9 landscape
Transmission: 720p - 2-4,5 Mbit/s; 1080p - 3.5-6 Mbit/s

Audio codes
Codec: aac
Transmission: 128 kbit/s

The streaming provider is currently available in all countries.

Two weeks before the launch of the platform, we provide test pages. In this short test, the entire set-up and the transmission of the live stream are tested. This is a short test of max. 10-15 minutes.

A round table is a digital conference room where exhibitors can present product presentations, short workshops or press conferences with a maximum of 100 participants.

The exhibitor can choose the duration of 15 or 30 minutes when configuring the round table.

Round tables can be found in the respective exhibitor profile under "Our Events". In addition, there is a separate section in the event calendar where all round tables are listed.

Exhibitors can use the social share function to promote their round tables.

The round table works as a Zoom meeting and is integrated into our digital event platform. The round table is hosted in the browser and does not require a separate log-in. No personal Zoom account of the exhibitor is required.

The exhibitor's hardware must comply with Zoom's system requirements:

System requirements

Supported operating systems

Supported tablets and mobile devices


Processor and RAM requirements

High DPI support

Bandwidth requirements

Participants only need to pay attention to the browser or browser version:

Supported browsers

All participants have the same rights in the meeting (video, audio) to ensure an exchange at the same level.

The chat function and screen sharing can be activated or configured by the exhibitor in the Zoommeeting. If participants leave the meeting during the round table, space is freed up for additional participants.

The first-come-first-served principle applies to round table participation. There is no provision for an invite-only round table.

By activating the waiting room function, the exhibitor can allow key customers to enter first and only then open the meeting to all other participants.

No, access to the platform is a requirement to participate in a round table.

No, there is no recording during round tables.

No, this is not possible in the browser-based version of Zoom.

Contact management

Depending on how the contact is established, a distinction is made between active and passive contacts. Active contacts are equivalent to handing over a business card at the physical event. Passive contacts can arise, for example, through profile visits or visits to a program item or round table. Here you will receive the company name and first and last name. Convert them into an active contact by contacting them.