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Alpha Powders

Winner Start-up Challenge 2022

Spherical polymer powders on demand

The CEE-based start-up Alpha Powders developed and patented a technology for polymer powder rounding, spheroidization, and on-demand modification. The company's current focus is the development of a compact device tailored for R&D labs working on new SLS powders. The prototype has been tested with a wide range of materials including polyamides, TPU, or polyolefin powders, and has proven to reliably produce spherical SLS powders in a dry process. The company is continuing the development of this technology, aiming to provide pilot-scale and production-scale solutions in the coming years, with a goal of redefining SLS powders from the supply-chain stability and sustainability standpoint.

"We at Alpha Powders are on a mission to revolutionize the powder printing sector by introducing scalable technologies that will bring the cost of existing materials down for the consumer and will enable the rapid development of new functional and sustainable products. We are deeply honored to have been recognized as an innovative young company and are excited to meet all the industry leaders at Formnext 2022."

Dominik Zdybal, Alpha Powders CEO & founder