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Experience Formnext

Join Océanne, Florian, Michael and Rieke on a trade fair tour today, get acquainted with the fAMily and see how Formnext moves them forward.

Meet Océanne

Product Designer / Canada

Our audience is diverse. For example, product designers like Océanne love to be inspired anew every year at Formnext and to incorporate the innovations of our exhibitors into their design processes. Océanne is particularly fascinated by the design freedom that can also be transferred to industrial production thanks to AM: "If you can design it in the software – you can produce it!" Learn more about the possibilities AM opens up for you!

Meet Florian

Lead Engineer AM und Lightweight Design / Germany

Integrating Additive Manufacturing into development and production can bring numerous benefits that can significantly change the game. One of them is the ability to design lighter components, enabling more sustainable production and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Join Florian, Lead Engineer AM and Lightweight Design from Germany, on his visit to Formnext, where he discovers increasingly innovative and effective solutions in the world of Additive Manufacturing year after year.

Meet Michael

Automation Specialist 

As an ambassador for digitalization, Michael will take you through Formnext and share his enthusiasm for AM as a digital manufacturing method. Additionally, he will demonstrate the opportunities that industrial 3D Printing provides for current and future demands of supply chain and production processes.

Meet Rieke

Process Consultant / Denmark

What exactly makes Formnext so special? One vital aspect is the focus of the Formnext visitors: The biggest part of our audience is in search of specific solutions – that’s how numerous new collaborations and business deals arise, even still on the fairground. 

Meet for example Rieke who is, as a consultant for global production companies, exploring the benefits of mass customization and additive production of lot size 1.