FAQ for Exhibitons to Fomnext Connect

Special times also raise new questions. We have tried to answer the most important questions for you in advance. If you still have any questions, our contact persons will be happy to help you at any time.

General questions

The response to the Formnext Connect has been very positive. Although many regret the cancellation of the Formnext exhibition, the Formnext community is looking forward to join the digital meeting place for the automation industry in November.

Unfortunately, a binding statement on the number of visitors is understandably not yet possible. In 2019, Formnext welcomed almost 35,000 visitors, all of whom will be invited to Formnext Connect again this year through extensive marketing and PR measures. The varied and informative program inspires the potential visitors and then, in combination with the low logistical effort, ensures a high level of attractiveness and participation in Formnext Connect.

The focus of Formnext Connect lies on three pillars:

  • A matchmaking, which is based on artificial intelligence;
  • a three-day program of live interviews, expert contributions, seminars, press events, etc. provided by the organizer and exhibitors;
  • and the TCT Conference.

Exhibitors can provide content in so-called sessions and roundtables of the TCT Conference in live or on-demand. Both formats can be booked for a fee.

The platform will be presented in English and German.

No, the chat function is only available on the Formnext Connect platform. No own chat programs can be integrated.

On the platform there are three possibilities of integrating video contributions:

  1. on company or product profiles;
  2. contentwise with roundtables and sessions and
  3. as videochat in the customer contact.

On company and product profiles, videos from the platforms YouTube and Vimeo are integrated via link. For roundtables and sessions, there is the option of using live transmission or playing prepared videos. The video chat with customers is always live.

Yes, the upgrade is also possible directly in the platform.

An exhibitor list will be available on the Formnext homepage from which interested parties will be forwarded to your exhibitor profile at the Formnext Connect.

Exhibitor packages

Yes, the upgrade is also possible directly in the platform.


Instead of a booth, every company has their own profile in Formnext Connect. There is no opportunity to present another company. So being a co-exhibitor is not possible.

How-To/User Manual

In Formnext Connect you will find a wide range of help. From explanatory videos and FAQs to live chat.


The assessment of leads is based on previous experience with the physical trade fair. We cannot guarantee a number.

Using the matchmaking function, customers are suggested according to their selected interests.

Inbound leads include all participants who have visited the company profile, an employee profile or a product profile. Additionally, all participants with whom an interaction (video call/text chat) took place. The participants can, be contacted via the platform beyond the event. If the maximum number is reached, the following leads will not be shown anymore. An update of the package is then possible via the platform.

Connections have been made either through a scheduled meeting or a mutual interest (match) with someone. There are available to start chatting or to request a meeting with.

Connections can be exported from the platform. No personal data will be passed on in this process.


At the end of October, all visitors will have access to Formnext Connect. Therefore we recommend to book the package and fill in the exhibitor profile by 20.10.2020 to be found by as many visitors as possible. However, there is no official deadline, so you can also decide for a participation at Formnext Connect spontaneously.

After binding registration you will receive an e-mail with the login data for Formnext Connect from 05.10.2020.

The visitors, representatives of the press and other participants will have access to Formnext Connect from 28.10.2020.


No, registration questions are used to request preferences which are automatically matched with the exhibitor.
In addition, visitors can also proactively search for exhibitors

All the dates you've scheduled for the life of Formnext Connect and events you'd like to attend can be found in your agenda in one convenient location. An export to your external calendar is possible.

Using the matchmaking function, customers are suggested according to the selected interests, but you can also actively search for customers. Among the various suggestions, you can choose whether you are interested in the contact or want to reject it. If both parties are interested, a match is created.

In order to invite visitors to the Formnext Connect, we recommend a marketing campaign by email or mail. You will receive a discount code of 100%, which you can provide to your customers. Your contacts can order a ticket via our ticket shop and will get access to Formnext Connect free of charge. If you need further advice on this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In case of a match the customer can be contacted via text chat. Alternatively, you can always request an appointment for a virtual meeting (video call) with your preferred contacts.

Virtual meetings can be arranged between two people. If needed, the meeting link can be forwarded to two other interested parties. Thus, each virtual meeting is limited to 2-4 persons. Additionally a 1 to 1 chat function is available.

Unfortunately it is not possible to name the meeting room individually. The name is always "Virtual Meeting Room".


Since exhibitors will not be on site in Frankfurt this year, providing a room with the necessary equipment is not expedient. We also have to take into account the different time zones of our journalists.

That's why we give exhibitors the opportunity to create separate product profiles within Formnext Connect that are only visible to members of the press. Here, exhibitors can either integrate existing product information or provide information tailored to the press and name a company representative who is available as a contact for the press.

Within the product profile you can also embed a video (YouTube or Vimeo), which can also be a live stream from your office.

All products for journalists are listed in a separate list, which is only visible to participants of the trade press.

Privacy policy

The Formnext Connect platfrom is GDPR compliant. No personal data will be passed on.

Sensitive customer data is not shared through the platform. As soon as you get in contact with a customer, you can network with them via the chat or video function and exchange your contact data.


The image film as part of the Pro and Unlimited packages can be embedded in your exhibitor profile via a YouTube link, so there are no format requirements.

You will have the possibility to book product presentations as part of our official lecture program. With the Comfort and Premium packages you furthermore have the option to integrate your own live stream as a YouTube link in your company profile, however, this will not be visible in the overall event agenda.

If a video is included in the booked package, you can integrate a live stream into your profile via a URL (Formnext Connect supports various popular video platforms (YouTube, Vimeo).

Formnext Connect focuses on matchmaking and for exhibitors on the related leads. The contact initiation in the virtual space is made especially efficient by this focus and is not graphically overloaded. Exhibitor and product profiles also follow this principle. However, the video integration allows for individual designs to be implemented without problems and in accordance with your CI requirements.

The visitors, representatives of the press and other participants will have access to Formnext Connect from 28.10.2020. From that date on, active networking will be available and we recommend that you complete your profiles by that date.

A demo login is not possible. In the next few weeks, you will, receive a How-to-Guide with screenshots, which will show an exhibitor profile and the other functions as examples.

The technical implementation of Formnext Connect is in its final stages. Until you are able to fill your profile yourself, we will provide you with a How-to-Guide with an exemplary exhibitor profile, which will show which content has to be prepared by you and how. You will find an initial overview under the item "Company profile" in our exhibitor information.

Product groups can be added ft he exhibitor profile, according to which the visitor can ft he he exhibitor list. Parallel to this there is a keyword search, which searches the complete text ft he exhibitor profiles + sub-profiles (=product/brand profiles).

Yes, the profiles can be adjusted at any time.

Supporting programs

We offer a varied event program directly on our platform.

In the time between the Speed Networking Event on 03.11. and Formnext Connect you can explore the functions of the platform and get in touch with visitors through the Matchmaking function.

Have you further questions to Formnext Connect?

If you still have any questions, our contact persons will be happy to help you at any time.

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