FAQ – Fully informed

We have compiled detailed information you need to know during the fair preparations. If you still have any questions, our contact persons will be happy to help you at any time.

FAQ's Corona conditions

Special times also raise new questions. We have tried to answer the most important questions for you in advance.

Your non-binding registration remains valid. We will contact you in the next few weeks to talk about the reduction in stand space and concrete stand proposals.

At this point you can cancel free of charge.

As things stand today, we assume that the Formnext 2020 will take place as planned. However, the protection of the health of all exhibitors, visitors, media representatives and our employees has top priority. Should it therefore become apparent in late summer that it is not advisable to hold the event due to the developments of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will probably decide on a cancellation by 09.09.2020 at the latest. In case of a cancellation we will reimburse payments already made to us for services that were agreed with us but not provided.

In this point our terms and conditions have not changed: After receipt of the stand confirmation there is no free cancellation possibility. You will find our cancellation conditions in our General Terms and Conditions under point 17a "premature termination of the contract".

Yes, there is. You can find them here.

We and the Messe Frankfurt team will be happy to advise you if you have any questions. Please feel free to contact us.


You will receive the first partial invoice in the amount of 50% after receipt of the stand confirmation. The second instalment of 50% will be sent to you in September.



There are various presentation possibilities at Formnext. Our price list and the various stand packages can be found on our website. We are pleased about your interest and would appreciate to advise you personally.

Exhibitors are advised by Marcus Lutterberg:

Phone +49 711 61946-569

Visitors can reach us via the following contact details:

Phone +49 711 61946-810

Online registration is possible since November 2019.

If you were already an exhibitor at the last Formnext, you will have received an e-mail with the registration documents for Formnext 2020 at the beginning of November 2019.

Please follow the link in this e-mail and complete your registration! If you need the mail again, please contact us.

The registration process runs as follows: You and your company decide to participate in Formnext as exhibitors. Next, please fill out our online registration form completely and send it off. For confirmation you will receive an automatically generated e-mail, in which the next steps are listed.

If you have any questions before registration, please contact Mr. Marcus Lutterberg:

Phone +49 711 61946-569

After the successful registration, you will receive a stand offer from us. If you accept our offer and the proposed stand location, please confirm our offer and the contract becomes legally effective. From this point on costs will be charged. You will then receive a stand confirmation and the first partial invoice from us.

It is best to register your co-exhibitor(s) as soon as you complete your online registration.

If you are already registered as an exhibitor, you can also subsequently name your co-exhibitor(s) using the application form.

If you have any questions regarding the registration of co-exhibitors, please contact

Bianca Steinmetz
+49 711 61946 - 500

Katja Weller
+49 711 61946 – 572

Messe-Login/MyAccount/customer centre

The Messe Login is your central access for all of Messe Frankfurt's personalised online offerings. It is the combination of your email address and your chosen password.

The Messe-login (top right on the website) offers you access to the customer centre. Here, you can maintain your personal profile. In addition, you can also access the personalised online offerings with a single click from here, including

  • shop for exhibitor services,
  • ticket shop
  • stand configurator Fairconstruction
  • the personal watchlist from exhibitor search,
  • and much more.

Please send us an E-Mail with the contact details of the new contact person. You can send the E-Mail to:

Bianca Steinmetz
+49 711 61946 - 500

Please do not overwrite the data for the existing user account (MyAccount).

Please do not under any circumstances overwrite the data in the existing user account (MyAccount).  Inform us by E-Mail about the desired change, we will take care of it accordingly.

You can send the change request to the following e-mail address:

Please contact our hotline by phone under +49 (0) 69 75 75-55 88 or by email Our colleagues will be pleased to help you.

Hall planning

Due to the Corona Pandemic, hall planning has been delayed. In order to be able to maintain the necessary distance and hygiene rules for the protection of all participants, we have adapted the hall planning accordingly. We would like to thank all exhibitors already registered for their patience!

The Formnext team will start planning at the end of June / beginning of July and will contact the registered exhibitors as soon as possible.

You will receive the first instalment of 50% with the stand confirmation.
You will receive the final invoice from September 2020.

Our cancellation policy can be found in our general terms of contract. Cancellation is possible free of charge until the stand is confirmed. After the stand has been confirmed, 100% cancellation costs are incurred.

Checklist for the fair preparations

The checklist is currently being revised and adapted to the new timetable. You will find the updated checklist here shortly.

Factsheet Covid 19 for exhibitors. You can find the factsheet of Messe Frankfurt here.

Stand construction/technology

How high is the hall? What floor loading and lighting does the respective hall? How high can be built?
You can find this information in our stand construction guidelines.

For further questions please contact the exhibitor service:

Mrs. Vera Längerer
Phone +49 711 61946-970


If you have not booked one of our stand packages, the price for the stand rental refers to the pure area in the exhibition hall. The marketing fee and the AUMA fee are still obligatory additional costs. AUMA is the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry. An overview of the services included in the marketing flat rate can be found here.


Provided that these Technical Guidelines have been observed in designing and building the exhibition stand, single-storey stands located in exhibition halls shall be exempted from the requirement to submit planning documents for approval as long as a stand area of 100 sqms and a height of 4.0 m have not been exceeded.

Special structures and special constructions require approval and are subject to additional cost. Special constructions include for example: – Two-storey stands – Walls over 4.0 m in height – Closed ceilings – Platforms higher than 0.20 m – Glass constructions – Moving components

Stand construction permits: Stand plans drawn to a suitable scale (e.g. 1:100) complete with dimensions, floor plans and perspective views shall be submitted for approval in duplicate by no later than six weeks before the start of setup to: 

By Post:
Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH
Technical Event Management
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
D-60327 Frankfurt am Main

By E-Mail:

After the stand plans have been inspected, one copy will be stamped as having been approved and returned to the exhibitor/stand constructor if accepted. Stand construction may not commence until the plans have been stamped as having been approved.

Stand construction

Stand sides adjoining an aisle must be open. Solid walls must not constitute more than 50 % of the total length of the open side where the wall adjoins an aisle. Where the stand wall is at least 1 m away from the aisle, a solid wall constituting more than 50 % of the total wall is acceptable. Further information and recommendations for stand design can be found in the Covid-19 leaflet at the end of the stand construction guidelines.

Stand partitions

The exhibitor agrees to erect 2.5 m high stand partition walls on all closed sides of the stand space. Exhibitor not using his/her own stand partition or rental stand, must order stand partition walls. Where the back wall of a stand extends beyond 2.5 m in height, the wall must be all white, clean, opaque, smooth and free of installation materials. Advertising must have a distance of 1.0 m from the neighbouring stand.

Guidelines for stand layout

The Exhibitors are required to decorate their stands in a manner appropriate to the event. Stands which do not conform to an acceptable standard will only be approved by the organizer once the appropriate changes have been made. This will also be the case for inappropriate advertising. Exhibitors must provide an appropriate floor covering for their stand.

The stand construction guidelines for Formnext can be found here. Please also be sure to read the factsheet "Pandemic Covid 19 measures at the exhibition stand" at the end of the document.

The hall supports are shown on your stand proposal. If the hall supports are completely on your stand, they may be integrated into the stand design. The exact dimensions and position of the support(s) can be found in the stand sketch of your stand proposal

Please contact us if you have any questions:

Halls 11.0 and 12.0
Mr Thomas Rosén
Phone +49 711 61946-563

Halls 11.1 and 12.1
Mrs Ina Kumm
Phone +49 711 61946-509

In most halls it is possible to fix suspended items in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the shop for exhibitor services. Suspensions must only be fitted by the hall electrician. For your order please use our shop for exhibitor services.

Should you have any questions, or should you wish for an individual offer, please contact:

The Suspensions Team
Phone +49 69 75 75-68 99

The hall manager is your first point of contact for all on-the-spot questions and can be reached by phone:

Hall 11: +49 69 7575 6311
Hall 12: +49 69 7575 6312

Shop for exhibitor services

According to current planning the shop for exhibitor services will be available to you from the mid of August. You will be informed about the opening by e-mail.

Please note: Only the main contact person for Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH will receive the e-mail with the prepared account and thus full access to the corresponding stand in the Shop for Exhibitor Services.

As an exhibitor of Mesago Messe Frankfurt we have already prepared your personal login. You have received an e-mail from Please confirm the registration link to activate your account. After you have assigned your password, you can register in the shop for exhibitor services.

Then we have extended your account accordingly with the necessary user rights so that you can use it for the shop for exhibitor services and place orders.

You also have a message for this from

In this case, please go to and click on "Register" - there you simply log in with your e-mail address and password. If you cannot remember your password, click on "Forgot your password? We will immediately send you an e-mail with which you can reset your password.


Go to and click on "sign up" under "Messe-Login". Fill in the fields and click on "sreate MyAccount". If the e-mail address you entered belongs to an account that has not been activated, you will be given the opportunity to request the e-mail with the confirmation link again. Please make sure that you use the e-mail address you gave us in the registration form.

Has the main contact person for Formnext in your company changed?
It is not possible to overwrite the data of other persons in the Messe-Login. If the main contact person has changed since your registration, please send an E-Mail with the contact details of the new contact person to::

Bianca Steinmetz
Telefon: +49 711 61946 – 500

Only the main contact for Mesago Messe Frankfurt (personal contact and contracting partner) and his deputy can manage users and authorisations. For this purpose, we offer you two possibilities:

Management by deputy:
If you appoint people as deputies, they will be given the same rights in the Shop for Exhibitor Services as you enjoy in your capacity as main contact and will likewise be able to make transactions, such as managing order authorisations. For this purpose, it is necessary for each deputy to set up his own Messe log-in.

Management by stand code:
To authorise other persons, e.g. stand builders, to order on your account and your stand, pass your stand code on to these persons. Each stand-code user must also set up his own Messe Frankfurt log-in for the purpose.
Under “User Management” in the menu all the order authorisations which you have issued, and which you can also revoke, are set out clearly.

Please contact your contractual partner: He has the possibility to authorize you to do so in our shop for exhibitor services. He can send you a stand code. This will enable you to order for the exhibitor's stand on his account.

Among other things, you also have the option of placing orders for your own company on behalf of your client. After you have logged in with your trade fair login, you have the option of selecting your client's stand under "other stands for which you would like to order" and placing orders for this stand on your own account.

Please select the option “Show existing orders” to view you orders.

In the shop for exhibitor services under the rubric “stand equipment”.

Your contact:

Messe Frankfurt Services
Phone +49 69 75 75-65 70

Via our shop for exhibitor services under the rubric “Catering and events.”

Your contact:

Accente Gastronomie Service GmbH
Phone +49 69 7 56 02-0

You will likewise find an overview of our catering services at
Please note that entry by outside caterers must be authorised in advance – they will be subject to a charge.

Via our shop for exhibitor services under the rubric “stand services.”

Should you have any questions, please contact:

Cleaning team
Phone +49 69 75 75-69 11

We can lay your electrical connection to any point in your stand that you wish, via the hall roof or via the utility conduits in the hall floor. For this purpose, please use our shop for exhibitor services.

Should you have any questions, or should you wish for an individual offer, please contact:

Electricity team
Phone +49 69 75 75-66 70

Your water connection will be laid via the utility conduits in the hall floor to any point in the stand that you wish. For this purpose, please likewise use our Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Should you have any questions, or should you wish for an individual offer, please contact:

Water team
Phone +49 69 75 75-66 78

Once the order has been successfully made, this is no longer possible.

Please send the stand sketch (which you have drawn) to the department concerned.

(Please do not forget to mark the event, the hall and stand number, and your customer number on the sketch).

Via our shop for exhibitor services under the rubric “stand services.”

Your contact:

Phone + 49 69 756 02-24 34

Via our shop for exhibitor services under the rubric “stand services.”

Should you have any queries, please contact:

Stand security team
Phone +49 69 75 75-68 95

Via our shop for exhibitor services under the rubric “stand services.”

Your contact:

Phone +49 69 756 02-24 34

Waste collected on the stand during the fair will be disposed of by Messe Frankfurt. For this purpose, after close of the fair please place the rubbish bag in the aisle. In case of larger quantities, may we please ask you to order a disposal container.

During sett-up and dismantling you can dispose of particular waste, such as paints, varnishes etc., in the collection receptacles provided.

For all other waste please order a suitable container via our shop for exhibitor services. Should you have any queries, please contact:

Waste disposal team
Phone +49 69 75 75-69 11

Should you have further questions about any aspect of our Shop for Exhibitor Services, the personal contacts at our shop hotline will be glad to answer them on +49 69 75 75-29 99 or by e-mail to

Other services

WiFi is available free of charge to all exhibitors and visitors during Formnext. Access is suitable for visiting websites and for occasional reception and sending of e-mails. Reception over the total area may not be guaranteed if there is a high number of users.

Should you require a guaranteed broadband, we advise you to order individual WiFi products at a charge from our shop for exhibitor services.

Due to the current situation and the requirements of the federal state regarding COVID-19, no stand parties will be admitted to this year's Formnext. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Ordering services exterior to my stand

Messe Frankfurt’s logistics service offers provision to order of fork-lift trucks, cranes and other technical equipment, handling of your freight and empties, and the acceptance, warehousing and delivery of your freight to your stand at the time you wish.

Fork-lift truck and crane services must be ordered exclusively via Messe Frankfurt from the shop for exhibitor services and will be carried out by the logistics partners. The same applies to the storage of freight and empties during the event.

For individual advice please contact:

Logistics team
Phone +49 69 75 75-60 75

For shipments directly to your stand, please use the following shipping address. Please make sure that the shipment is received by an authorized person:

Messe Frankfurt GmbH
Formnext 2020 Hall 11.0 / 11.1 / 12.0 / 12.1 - Your stand number Your company or recipient (incl. telephone number)
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
D-60327 Frankfurt am Main

If you would like to book meeting or conference rooms for the exhibition period, please contact:

Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH
Cara Seiler
Phone +49 711 61946-508

Stand help and hostesses are provided by the company Eventence. These can be ordered via the Messe Frankfurt exhibitor services shop.

Accente Catering Service GmbH
60327 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49 69 75602-2434

Catalogue, press and publicity

The marketing fee, which every exhibitor pays bindingly with their registration for the event, offers numerous services that you can use to put your company in the spotlight. Under the following link you will find a detailed overview of all services of the marketing package. These include, among others:

  • Digital admission vouchers for your customers including tracking of the redeemed vouchers, free of charge in unlimited numbers
  • Provision of event logo, banner and e-mail signature
  • Company profile with text and picture online
  • Logo in the exhibitor search
  • Admission and announcement of your press conference in the press portal online and in the on-site press centre (rooms for press conference on request)
  • Display of your press release in the press compartments at the fair

The obligatory marketing flat rate includes free advertising material, which you can order in the shop for exhibitor services. Among others, we provide you with the following advertising materials:

  • Provision of event logo, banner and e-mail signature
  • You will also receive 3 copies of Formnext magazine automatically after publication.

Via our shop for exhibitor services under the heading "marketing services". Our responsible colleague will be happy to advise you on various options online, offline and on the exhibition grounds.

Your contact person:

Stefan Rapp
Advertising services Formnext
Phone +49 711 61946-501

You can find an overview of the possibilities here.

Invoices and Services

You will receive the invoices for stand-related services, such as suspensions, electrical, water or telecommunication connections, after the event.

In the individual case please contact the technical departments and service partners who marketed the service.

You will find the e-mail addresses and telephone numbers for this purpose by clicking on the product name in the Shop for Exhibitor Services.

All invoices are sent to the invoice address stored centrally for the customer at Mesago Messe Frankfurt. Should you wish for a different invoice address for individual items, before sending your order please contact the Hotline on the following telephone number: +49 (0)69 75 75-29 99 or by e-mail to:

Set-up and dismantling passes, exhibitor passes, entry-ticket vouchers

According to current planning portal “ticket service for exhibitors” will be available to you from August. You will be informed about the opening by e-mail, but at the earliest after stand confirmation.

More information about the badges / tickets will follow shortly.

Set-up and dismantling

The times for assembly and dismantling can be found here.

During the general assembly and dismantling times as well as during the early assembly, work can be carried out continuously, i.e. 24 hours a day. On the last day of assembly, the carpet will be laid from 18.00 hrs. The hall aisles must be cleared by this time. From this time on, stand construction or decoration can only take place inside the stand. During the event, we will lay carpeting throughout all aisles.

Advanced set-up
04 November 2020 from 7 a.m.

Regular Set-Up
05 November 2020 – 08 November 2020 from 7 a.m. – 12 a.m. continuous
09 November 2020 from 12 a.m. – 6 p.m., from 6 p.m. carpet laying in the halls

13 November 2020 4 p.m. – 12 a.m. (gate opening from approx. 6.30 p.m.)  
14 November 2020 – 16 November 2020 12 a.m.– 12 a.m.

Contacts/contact person

An overview of the contact persons/of the Formnext team can be found here.

Formnext Team: +49 711 61946-825
Shop for exhibitor services: +49 69 75 75-29 99

Cleaning: +49 69 75 75-69 11
Electricity: +49 69 75 75-66 70
Fairconstruction: +49 69 75 75-68 11
Logistics Service: +49 69 75 75-60 7
Suspensions: +49 69 75 75-68 99
Water: +49 69 75 75-66 78

Supporting programme and services at the fair

Our TCT Introducing Stages is available in the hall 12.0 for all exhibitors. There you can present your goods and services to interested trade visitors and new customers. If you are interested, please contact our TCT contact person in English:

Ms. Magda Brzegowy,
Phone: +44 (0) 1244 952518

Information will follow in June

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