10 November 2020

Sustainability - an underestimated factor in AM?

Do we need a change in the mindset of the user industries?

To think of modern and future manufacturing in an industrial scale is not possible without paying attention to the topics of resources and sustainability. Climate change is a challenge for generations and every manufacturing country must accept the necessary responsibility. AM itself is already a resource friendly technology using only the material the product needs. Our experts in the panel will discuss further and have a look on the whole manufacturing process and the overall life cycle.


  • Dr. Kristian Arntz, Head of Department Technology Organisation, Fraunhofer IPT - Stephen Fitzpatrick, Machining and Additive Manufacturing
  • Group Lead, National Manufacturing Institute Scotland
  • Felix Ewald, CEO, DyeMansion GmbH
  • Christopher Eonta, Founder, MolyWorks Materials Corporation


  • Sustainability
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • 3D Printing