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Exhibitor Session Mitsui Mining & Smelting

Introduction of CuCr alloy powders with high conductivity and high strength for L-PBF

We have copper powders for a variety of 3D printing processes. This time we would like to introduce the two types of new copper powders for L-PBF.


1)The first one is high conductivity grade, which is the highest conductivity copper alloy for L-PBF. The electrical conductivity is 95 IACS% and thermal conductivity is 377W/mk. This is better than that of common alloy such as CuCrZr.
2)The other one is high strength grade. The tensile strength is 755MPa, over triple of pure copper, which is comparable to CuBe with traditional process. This is also better than that of common alloy such as CuNiSiCr. Interestingly, you can tune the properties of printed parts with the same powder and different annealing conditions. When you think about aerospace applications such as rocket chamber, you can adjust it to the equal mechanical properties and better conductivity than that of GRCOP. 

Both of these powders only need 400W laser output.  We can offer our standard parameters such as EOS M290, Concept laser M2 and SLM 280 for free once we conclude NDA with customers, which can reduce development cost on customer side.

APPLICATIONS thermal management applications, high electrical applications for EVs, induction coil, rocket chamber. We also have copper powders with not only L-PBF, but also DED, binder jetting, EB, DLP and cold spray. Please let me know if you are interested in the collaboration opportunity on 3D printing copper.



Ted Kuromura


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